Naomi Year One: 3/4 Of A Year Old


Babies grow up.  Like waaay too fast.

Did you know that?

Especially when that baby is baby number 3 for this family.

Naomi is NINE months old.  Holy cow!  Where did the year go?!  I can’t believe that in less than 3 months, she’ll be 1.  ONE!

She already broke the rules and started crawling last month.  Really, Naomi?  Can we slow this down a little?

I haven’t posted on her development since 6 months.  Something about summer just demanded time away from the computer.  I still took plenty of pictures, I just wasn’t very structured about them.  The day Naomi turned 8 months old, we were preparing for all five of us to fly to the beach for two weeks, so official “8 month photos” were not taken.  Oh well!  I’m guessing this child already has double the number of photos her brothers had.  At least double.  Probably more…

That’s not normal, is it?

Since I haven’t posted her progress since the 6 month post, I decided it would be fun to do a 3, 6, 9 comparison collage:


See how you can’t see her face in the 9 month one?  Yeah, that’s because she no longer believes in sitting still.  I walk away, she needs to follow.  I threw those stuffed animals on her lap in an effort to distract her, or at the very least, slow her down.  You know, so she wouldn’t fall off the glider.  She doesn’t really grasp the whole falling-off-things concept yet, so mommy was sprinting back and forth.

Yes, this clearly means I need a shorter lens ASAP… ooor a faster sprint time.  You can probably guess which one of those I’d prefer.

I love how well this shows her development, though!  Leaning into her bear at 3 months, pulling at her shirt at 6 months, and pushing all hindrances aside at 9 months.

Books sometimes keep her attention.  For about 5 seconds:


So, I gave up on the glider and we set up shop on the ground.  Well, sort of.  I tried her sitting in her little PBK chair first, but that just resulted in her diving off head first.  At least it was only a few inches to the ground.

Naomi_Month_9 Naomi_Month_9_collage

Outside is really the place to be with her, though.  She’s at the point where she loves to explore all the newness of the world and our multilevel home feels more like a house of treacherous horrors than a safe haven.


Our little princess continues to light up our life.  In some ways, it feels like it’s been more than 9 months, as we can’t imagine life without her.  We are so blessed!  Thank you, Lord.



20150724-3 20150724-2

Children are fresh and new and wonderful.  They explore and experience the world with excitement and purpose, each new experience better than the last.

We just returned from a 2 week beach vacation in NC last week.  I think it helped us all to focus on all that is pure and true and right.

OIB2015 20150712-2 20150712

I came home with a renewed sense of excitement and purpose for life AND a desire to “rebrand”.  To really build my business with as much authenticity as possible.  But yesterday, as I sat exploring the websites of other photographers and small business owners, searching for some inspiration, I started to feel really boring.

In all fairness, I’m sick with a bug right now, so I’m not feeling wonderful in general.  But, it’s not really a new feeling.  I’ve always felt like I wasn’t very interesting.

I’ve generally been ok with my boring-ness.  I think of myself as pretty simple.  Easily amused and content.  That’s not to say Andy wouldn’t call me high maintenance… like many women, I need to hear that I’m loved and I can be a pain with my insecurities.

I absolutely believe that my God made me for a purpose.  I believe that I was carefully crafted by the Lord to serve him in a way I may never fully understand.  I don’t know exactly what I was created to do, but every time I question my uniqueness and every time I think I’m less than enough, I’m taking away God’s power.  I’m putting him in a box and closing the lid.


Every day, I look at my kids and am amazed by how different and special they are.  Sometimes I see pieces of me, sometimes pieces of Andy and other family members.  Yesterday, I looked at a picture of my older son, Dylan, and was struck by how much he resembles me.  It was a very surreal feeling.  Almost like looking in a mirror, but not.  He’s so different than me in so many ways.

If we are made in God’s image and we are his children, how similar must he feel about us?  Only, He’s perfect and He loves everything about us.  He doesn’t look at you or me and see the things He dislikes about himself, like I do when I look at my kids, because He is perfect and He IS LOVE!


If only we could see ourselves through the lens of a perfect parent, rather than the broken lens through which we see everything, right?

I feel boring because I’m not living with enough passion for life, running the race set before me.  I’m not waking up each morning, desperate for Jesus, finding renewal in him alone and purpose with what I’ve been given.  I wake up each morning with anxiety and dread for the day.  I too often spend time in the word as if it were one more thing to check off my list.

Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ “

– Matthew 11:28 NLT

I am weary.  I am tired of chasing after who I’m supposed to be and I want to live fully in my God.  I want to serve Him with every breath, word, and action.

Fill me up, Lord, I am yours.

Naomi Year One: Half A Year Old


This little angel turned six months old about two weeks ago.

Mother’s Day to be exact.

We did a little photoshoot that day and I couldn’t bring myself to share her photos until now.  Why?  Because that day confirmed for me all suspicions that something was not quite right.  My sweet baby girl was way too thin and it scared me.  It also shook me and any confidence I had as her mom.


How did I not notice until she was SO tiny?  Why did I not see that she was growing only length wise?  As moms we always blame ourselves, right?  In this case, I do still blame myself despite being told and understanding that much of it was beyond my control.

After my surgery, I didn’t have the energy to stay on top of pumping or nursing and I didn’t realize my milk supply had suffered.  I’ve never had supply issues in the past.  Ever.  In fact, I had oversupply issues that led to much discomfort with the boys.  I believe I did my best, but it still upsets me to know that Naomi suffered.  I know it’s a lesson learned and everything will be okay.  I’m not sitting down, writing this tonight in order to rehash the experience (I’ve done enough of that), but just to note that it happened and move on.

As of this week, I can safely say, our baby girl is getting stronger and plumper everyday.  Thank The Lord!  Her weight check on Wednesday afternoon confirmed that she’s gained an ounce a day since Mother’s Day weekend.  I praise God for providing.  He is so faithful!  God brought my awareness to the problem in time and my prayers were answered.

I can now look forward at her growth with hope and joy, knowing that her 7 month photos will be much less scary.

The rest of her 6 months photos were taken a few days later, after I started pumping and supplementing to make sure she was getting enough:


Isn’t it amazing to see the changes from month to month?  Especially looking at the 1 month and 6 month side by side.  It’s going so fast!  It kind of feels like, I’ll blink and it’ll be her first birthday.

Let’s see, what else is new this month?

  • Solids.  She’s showing more interest in food every day.  She’s not a huge fan of sweet foods, but she loves meat and more savory foods.  She especially likes small pieces of food she can chew with her SIX teeth.
  • Teeth!  The first four came in last month, but two more popped out over the past few weeks.  OUCH!  She’s biting everything and she bites well.
  • She sits pretty well, but she’s still a little wobbly.  I think that will improve as we get some meat on her bones.

She’s interested in touching and feeling pretty much everything.  She finds hair and shirts with patterns fascinating.

Her happy and content nature amazes me every day.  She’s our perfect little Nonny.



Naomi Year One: 5 Months Old

I can’t even.  There are seriously no words!

Not that I’m so great with words normally, but still.  How do I adequately express the absolute joy this little princess brings to our family?  It’s my hope that a picture really is worth a thousand words.  I don’t really know what she was doing in the top right picture, but I think it looks like she’s blowing her bear a kiss.  She was actually experimenting with her hands feeling her lips I think, but whatever the case: how cute is that?!

I’m a pretty late with this update because I was in the hospital last week.  Who need’s an Appendix anyway, right?  I’m home and pretty mobile again now and I managed to catch up her 5 month photos yesterday.  I am so incredibly blessed to have such an adaptable, easy-going 5 month old who handled my inability to nurse her for a few days so well!  She’s not used to bottles, but she took them eagerly even when I was around.  She just amazes me every day.

This girl is so incredibly sweet.  She literally smiles at the world  She loves to be noticed and she’s ridiculously good at quietly catching the attention of others.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been rushing around and she’s managed to catch someone’s attention from her car seat in the midst of chaos.  I don’t know how she does it, but I guess sometimes a big smile is all we need to brighten our day, right?


She’s been tall/long since she was born and she’s remained off the charts in length ever since.  I’ve never really gone into her stats for some reason, but I feel it’s worth noting now because I’d like to record them somewhere I can find later:

  • Birth: 22.5″ and 9lbs 12oz
  • 2 month check: 25″ and 13 lbs 1 oz
  • 4 month check: 26.75″ and 13 lbs 15 oz

Just like the boys she started out in the 90th percentile for weight and dropped to 50th percentile there but remained off the charts in height.  What I find amazing (and what I’m pretty sure is different compared to the boys) is that most of her length is in her legs.  They’re so long!


Another thing I’m not sure I’ve noted before?  She sucks her thumb!  She found her thumb a few times in her first few weeks but it started on a consistent basis at 3.5 months old.  She’s always been hit or miss with the paci.  I keep her little lamby wubanub in her crib and carseat as a lovey, but she’s perfectly content to just pop her thumb in her mouth when she’s tired.  That’s just amazing to me!  Neither of the boys were able to self-sooth like that and neither wanted anything to do with their pacifiers most of the time.  And don’t get me started on bottles… they went on hunger strikes when I wasn’t around.

Ok, so what’s new this month?

  • She laughs about the same amount as she did last month.
  • I can tell she’s getting closer to sitting.  I can prop her up and she’s much sturdier now, but she loves her feet and falls over because she’s always looking at them.
  • A third tooth popped through on the bottom this week and I think a fourth might not be far behind.
  • She likes making raspberry sounds and loves when I mimic her.
  • She grabs at everything and holds on tight.
  • She babbles more and more everyday.
  • Foods: we’ve tried a little banana and avocado.  She’s undecided on the banana, but the avocado resulted in a definite less-than-happy scowl.
  • And, well, this isn’t new but she loves her daddy and brothers so very much!

It’s amazing to me how much development happens each month!  I can’t believe how little and squishy she was 5 months ago!  She looks more and more like a mature little girl each day and it’s completely blowing my mind.


I wish I could slow down time, but I can’t.  I just pray I can soak it all in and spend her first year intentionally seeking and fully experiencing these fleeting moments.

And because it’s fun to look back and see how much my babies kinda do and kinda don’t look alike, here’s each of them around 5 months old: