Parenting Young Children: The Challenge of a Quiet Moment


  Oh how many times I've gotten on here and thought, I need to blog more often.  I'm not really sure what keeps me away.  It's so soothing to write and so refreshing to get feedback and know that I'm not alone. Oh wait, my kids.  That's why I don't get on here more! No, but really.  It didn't used to be that hard to sit down for a few minutes and have a coherent thought, but lately, it just is.  It could be pregnancy brain, but I think it's the stage my boys are in right now.  Especially Wyatt.  Although... they both seem to require more attention than usual lately.  Hmm.  Maybe it's really me feeling guilty about stealing away for a half-hour or so for something that's just mine. Yup, that last one. I can tell you for sure, a big part of the problem is the pressure I put on myself to schedule things for my kids to do every morning.  I feel like I need to get them out of the house everyday and plan events for them.  Why?  I didn't have an event planned for me … [Continue reading]

Gender Reveal: Baby Number 3


Unquestionably, today I felt more anxious and excited than I have in a long time.  I texted my sister earlier and likened it to Christmas morning as a child. This morning, after dropping Dylan off at preschool, the three of us headed over to … [Continue reading]

Almost a Wordless Wednesday: News!


Wow, it's been a month since my last post!  I'm not sure how that happened... Ok, well maybe I am. In short: life's been almost unmanageably crazy around here.  I've never been great at following schedules or organizing my days.  I'm more of a … [Continue reading]

Hi, I’m still here.

So... hi!  Long time no see, right? I don't know what's been up with me.  Well, that's not entirely true.  It's more like, I don't really know how to explain what's going in my head lately.  What I think is happening is: I never really took the … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 11 {#catchthemoment365}


I'll admit, I had a really good time with my images this week.  It helps that I had new equipment to play with. I mentioned last week that I upgraded to full-frame.  If you don't know what that means, you're not alone.  I didn't for for a long … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 10 {#CatchTheMoment365}


This last week was less than inspirational for me.  I just wrote a whole post about it, added my photos, saved the post... aaand everything was gone.  I don't have the time or energy to rewrite the whole thing and, frankly, I'm not in the right state … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 9 {Catch the Moment 365}


Oh, do I have grand plans... Now I just need to actually follow through. There are so many things I'd love to offer on this blog.  I want so much for it to be a place of love, support, and information.  A place where I can talk about my family and … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 8 (#catchthemoment365)


This was a week of stress.  I don't have much to share today other than my photos.  Andy was out of town for the week and D was sick and out of school until the day he got back.  I'd complain, but in many ways it was actually a blessing.  In addition … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 7 {Catch the Moment 365}

I've been so concerned with finding and capturing the beauty in the small moments that I haven't put much emphasis on documenting our lives. I celebrated my birthday last week.  You'd never know that by looking through my pictures.  I posted Wyatt … [Continue reading]

Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 6 {Catch the Moment 365}

Week6 copy

Day 36: Dylan's first day of preschool (after a 1 month hiatus)! Day 37: Ice cream - Wyatt usually asks us to help him whenever he's eating out of a bowl.  Usually just the last few bites.  Dylan's been taking the initiative to help his little … [Continue reading]