It’s not all about my weight, but there’s that too.


There was a time when I was in amazing shape.  No, really.  Like, I could hike a mountain or unpack a top carrier or move furniture without getting winded.  Oh yeah, and while living in Colorado at high altitude.

It felt good.

And then I got pregnant…

Ok, so it’s not like I instantly fell out of shape.  In fact, I stayed pretty active throughout my first pregnancy and bounced back into decent postpartum shape within about 9 months of having Dylan.

I recently mentioned wanting to get back into shape to feel better.  I said, “I’m in average shape and an acceptable weight, but I don’t feel great.“.  I wasn’t being completely honest.  I mean, I made it sound like I just wanted to get fit, but weight wasn’t an issue.  I know I’m within my healthy weight range, but I also know what’s healthy and feels good for me.  I hesitated to say that I need to lose weight, but I do.  For me to feel my best and fit into my favorite outfits and know that I’m taking the best care of my body.  I think it’s ok to focus a little on my weight.

I know I need to be realistic, too.  The Popeye version of Erika was pre-kids, back when we were DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) with a disposable income and free time to spare and fill with yoga and running.  That’s not my life anymore and that’s ok.

My body’s done some amazing things over the past three years, which is nothing to scoff at.  I wouldn’t trade any of my stretch marks for the world.  They are beautiful keepsakes from two perfect pregnancies and births which gave me two beautiful boys.  Not that anyone ever needs to see them 😉

I’m doing Weight Watchers.  I’d say the New Years WW 360 advertisements worked on me, but I technically joined over the summer.  Yup, I’ve been basically donating money for the past six months since I only tracked points for about a month.  Whoops!  They did get my attention, though.

I’ve been tracking points for the past few days and I plan to integrate my progress in with my new #aHeartFitFriday series.  So get ready for brutal honesty about my eating habits, my weight loss or gain, my mindset and maybe even a few stats and pictures… we’ll see.

So, Happy New Year, let’s kick butt and get in shape this year!

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  1. says

    Girl, I know what you mean. I love my babies, but since the newest member of the family arrived, it seems like my middle is looking more and more like an angry It’ hard not to think about weight, that’s the thing that keeps fluctuating and causing massive wardrobe switches. I’m working on it. But it is hard to let go of that DINK body…;)

  2. Mary says

    Good luck! WW really works. I am in my 3rd month maintaining my weight, a lifetime member. Love ww.

  3. Jeanette says

    Erika, that’s a great start! I also still fall under “Normal” wait bit like you I also don’t feel great! I by no means want to be a toothpick, I think a curves are what make a woman sexy! :-) so I just want to be fit, and tone up my body! I think my challenge is also in not having much free time to exercise, after work I need to get dinner ready, help Lucas with homework and get the kids to bed, and after that I start planning for the next workday! I’m hoping that after being back at work for a couple of weeks I can figure out a schedule to exercise at least 3 times a week. I’m also trying to include more veggies and beans/lentils in our meals to make sure the whole family is healthy! Anyway, please do share your progress with us, it’s good support for us that are also working on getting in shape and feeling good about bodies and our curves!!! :-)