Lighter and healthier, but lacking in fitness? {#aHeartFitFriday Linkup}



  1. The condition of being physically fit and healthy.
  2. The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.
suitability – aptitude – convenience – pertinence

Thank you Google for these great definitions.  I think both can apply to my goals, really.

I mean, yes, the fitness I’m referring to in the title of this series is physical, but why?  Why do I want to be physically fit?

Answer: I want more energy so I can keep up with my kids.  In other words, I’d like to be a suitable playmate for my children.

So, that being said, each pound matters because it’s less weight my body has to carry around, which results in more energy.  An awesome reward for that fact is, my cloths fit better and I start taking a little more care with how I look from day to day.

You’ll notice my comparison pictures above.  I wanted to do that for the obvious reason of showing what my progress so far looks like, but also to show how it’s changing my behavior.  In the first picture, I was in my PJs and needed to brush my hair.  In today’s picture, I’m dressed and ready for the day, should I have to leave the house. Point being, I’m ready to leave the house because I’ve begun to greet my days with a little more energy and excitement.

So, like I said last week, I still feel I need to be careful to keep the focus on the health of it all, but it’s ok to use my weight-loss as a measure of my success.

Soooo…. I lost two more pounds this week!  Which brings me to about 13lbs total since #aHeartFitFriday began almost two months ago.  Woo hoo!

DSC_1248 DSC_1251

I have decided I’m going to do measurements once a month, rather than every week, though.  I don’t feel doing that weekly was helpful in motivating me.  All they did was cause me to focus too much on my body and exactly what’s changing rather than the bigger picture.

How are you feeling this week?

Amber and I are (hopefully) still working on the idea I proposed last week about helping others to make fitness a priority.  Check back soon for an update on that!

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  1. says

    I agree that when you feel better AND feel better about yourself, you will make changes in your behavior. When I was feeling bad, I didn’t care whether or not I wore any jewelry. And sometimes I would come to work with only foundation on my face…no eye shadow, blush, etc. And that wasn’t really like me. And since I work with only guys, my co-workers really didn’t care if I wore jewelry. But now that I feel better, I’ve found I care a lot more about how I look. And that makes me feel better mentally and physically. I think it all goes hand in hand. And my husband is VERY pleased.

    Congrats on your weight loss this week! And for your new attitude. :) You’e doing a great job, and I really appreciate the fact that you and Amber inspired me to share my journey.

  2. Michelle says

    You look good! I am glad you are feeling better, having more energy and interest and everything. What I want to know is, is that Bailey’s on the counter in your morning coffee?! :) I hope so, would be yummy! :)

  3. Kayla says

    Nice post, its good to see someone wanting to get fit because of credible health benefits as well as just to look better. The vanity is one thing but its so many peoples only reason for wanting to get fit!

    • says

      Thanks Kayla! I agree. The vain reasons don’t end up lasting because they aren’t long term. I mean, I think it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off when looking better is the only motivation. It doesn’t encourage the lifestyle changes necessary for keeping excess weight off and can lead to poor health.

  4. says

    Love it. I have the same thoughts – I need to keep up with the little guy!

    Things have been all over the place lately, so our plans for motivation are just what I need to get on the right track. And I may have to take a page from your book – maybe the attitude I have towards things will help too (like not being in my sweatpants until 5. :))