He’s ONE!! {Baby Wyatt’s 1st Year – Wordless Wed}


Okay, so he’s been 1 for almost a month now…

What can I say? Life with kids happened.

You’d think by looking at these first pictures that we had a party for this baby boy. We didn’t really. We had a great grandma, grandparents and uncles little celebration with a big cake and smash cake courtesy of Cinderellie’s Sweets (if you live in Central, NJ and need any specialty treats, Ellie is amazing!).


Wyatt’s growing into such a fun loving, determined, little dare devil. He’s completely infatuated with stairs (yay!) and rubber balls. He could honestly spend all day playing a modified game of catch with anyone willing. This means, he and Rue are developing a new friendship/rivalry.




These changes also mean, Wyatt and Dylan are developing a new relationship. One where they laugh and play together, comfort each other when the other is upset, and, obviously, find new ways to irritate each other. It’s very cool to watch. There’s no doubt that they love each other.


He’s such a special boy and I can’t believe his first year is already over. It went by so fast and it makes me sad to think about how quickly the next few years will disappear. I’m thankful to God for this sweet boy to care for and cherish.

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  1. Lauralynn Elliott says

    What adorable little boys you have. They are so precious when they’re little. But take it from a mom with grown sons…they will ALWAYS be precious. :)

  2. says

    Amazing pictures! Will you add any of these to your photography site? What a beautiful family you have. And I will definitely check out Cinderellie’s Sweets for our next birthday.

    • says

      Thanks Dana! Yes, probably. I really need to get organized. Andy and I were talking about the steps I want to take my business when we were on our trip.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement! You’re comments mean so much to me.