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As I approached the coffee pot for my second cup this morning, I realized I had accidentally unplugged it.  I turned it back on, poured myself a cup and tasted it.  “Not warm enough”, I thought to myself.  Out of habit, I reached for the microwave door, but cringed at the thought of the taste.  It just wouldn’t be the same.  With the stove-top, on the other hand, I could stir it while it heated and catch it at exactly the right temperature.  It was a question of time vs taste.  I had a choice between the easy way and the better way.  Which would you choose?

I chose the stove-top.  I guess I could have made a whole new pot, but I had just made the coffee about an hour prior and that seemed wasteful.

What does this have to do with fitness, you ask?

Every.single.day, we make choices.  Many of those choices we make based upon the convenience factor.  I believe that fitness comes with a change of heart.  A desire to choose the better way over the easy way with regard to everything.  That also means prioritizing.  The things that we take the time for are our priorities and those priorities define us.  We can only do so many things well.

Coffee doesn’t define me, but I would have chosen the microwave (or, really, no second cup of coffee at all) if I had been faced with the less-than-warm cup of coffee on my way out the door to the gym.

I do, however, enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The choice I’ve made to focus on my health has meant a lot of sacrifice.  More than I ever imagined, honestly.  Among others, my social and blog time… and many unanswered emails (I’m sorry!).

At the same time, it’s helped so many things I used to struggle with, fall into place.  My household runs smoother and my hubby and kids get more undivided attention from me because my head is clearer.  I’ve chosen to make more time for my overall well being, which means more time resting in my God, preparing healthy food, getting exercise, and learning about the things that interest me, which in turn has meant more quality time for everyone else.  When I’m with you, I’m 100% with you.

When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy, right?

It also means sometimes I sacrifice a little taste for a microwaved cup of coffee or even a lighter meal, but that just makes those good cups of coffee and meals that much more of a treat.  Believe me, the increased energy level and smaller waistline are worth it.

Speaking of waistline, I never gave my measurements when I reached my goal last week and I’ve lost a few more pounds since then anyway, so here are my final stats:

  • IMG_3608DSC_9219Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 150.2lbs (total -21.5lbs)
  • Waist: 29″ (total -4″)
  • Hips: 39″ (total -3″)
  • Bust: 35″ (total -5″)

Don’t you just love where I lost most of my inches?  LOL.  Oh well, I guess I’ll take it… ;)

How about you?  How are your goals?  Have you noticed other changes in your life since making fitness a priority? Don’t forget to link-up!

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  1. You look great and you’re doing an awesome job!

  2. It really is about choices, isn’t it?

    It’s funny, I’ve been doing really well so far with keeping to my daily “points” (since I am doing WW), and when I do splurge a little, usually on the weekend, I want it to be worth it. I don’t want to waste it on fatty fast food, or soda. It’s still quality food I’m eating, just maybe something that is a little more good fat that I need to have every day. :)

    You are doing amazing!

  3. You look so, so good, Erika! I know you’re really happy with yourself, and I bet you feel better physically and mentally. It amazes me how losing weight and being healthier can affect so many aspects of one’s life.

    I think it’s cool that you and I have lost exactly the same amount of weight now. :) The unfortunate thing is that I have a BUNCH more to lose. But I’m going to get there. Steady as she goes!

  4. Wowwww, you look awesome, full of energy and very happy!
    I’m proud of you, not only for the weight lost but also for being consistent in your diet choice and the decisions you made! It’s not easy to change your life style food wise but it’s really worth it! Keep going girl! I’m sure your family is proud of you!

  5. Whoa! You look incredible. SO worth the sacrifices and very very inspiring to me. Thanks for being so honest and sharing this continuing journey that you’re on. <3