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“Crazy” pretty much defines the past two weeks.  I’ve kept my Bose wave radio (which I’ve had since college, I think, and Andy calls ‘Erika’s precious’) tuned to either classical public radio or the local christian station and close by throughout our move.  I’ve had my other “precious” nearby at all times as well – aka, my camera.

I enjoy writing and I usually try to post at least once, if not twice a week.  I know it’s been too long since my last entry because, as I sit here in front of my keyboard, the last time I logged in feels like a distant memory.  When life gets crazy and I can’t sort through my thoughts, writing goes on the back burner, music soothes me, and photography often becomes my emotional outlet.


The last time I posted was during the calm before the storm that’s been our life for the past week or so.  We don’t technically have internet right now, so I’m kinda cheating by using our Mifi.  I was given one for free last time I upgraded my phone and I thought I’d never need it.  Let me tell you, the past few days, as we wait for the internet installation, it’s been pretty nice to have something to get online with other than my phone or iPad.  Still, I haven’t been online much this past week, other than what I can do on my phone between boxes.

So, to recap a little and catch you up since my post about moving back to Colorado, we have been here for a little under a month now, but we just closed on our house last Thursday.  We stayed in a furnished corporate apartment for a few weeks so we could get into a little bit of a routine here while we waited to begin life in our new home.  We used PODs to move our stuff, since we didn’t have a home for a few weeks and it would have cost one of our children to hire a moving company and then pay for storage, etc.

Ok, maybe not that much.  And no, Uhaul cross-country wasn’t going to happen.

We made the mistake of loading up the PODS ourselves with only 3 days to pack and move, which, being the awesome idea that it was, resulted in a now semi-full storage unit of stuff we kind of need… in NJ.  But, you know, c’est la vie… así es la vida… cosi va il mondo… so ist das Leben.  You get the point.

We’re here!  And we have a home!  And most of our stuff!  Dylan has a preschool that he loves and is a five minute drive away from our house.  The pediatrician appointments are lined up.  I have a hair appointment for an overdue trim.  We’re having Thanksgiving with very close friends whom we love and are like family.

But, it all feels very surreal still and I’m struggling to find my balance.  Every time I think about the whirlwind and feel overwhelmed by the mountains of boxes or not having… whatever, I have to stop myself and just remember to have faith.  Pretty much exactly two months ago, I wrote about Wyatt’s eighteen month milestone.  I think we knew about Andy’s new position out west by then and we had maybe decided to speak with a realtor about listing the house, but we didn’t really think we’d be going anywhere until after the new year.  We knew the job would happen quickly, but we had permission to stay put until the house sold and just travel when necessary.  Little did we know we’d have sold our house, moved, and bought another house before Thanksgiving.  Be careful what you wish for, right?

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

-Isaiah 40:31 NKJV

When God answers a prayer, it’s rarely the answer I expect, but it’s always the one I need.  I feel so blessed and it all feels very meant to be.  We are happy here and adjusting as well as can be expected.  I love our new home in this state that I’ve loved for years.

I think what’s more overwhelming than anything is just not knowing what’s in store for us here, but that really is life.  And it’s kind of exciting, too.  It’s actually a lot like something Dylan did two weeks ago.  He climbed really cool jungle gym at the park only to realize how high it was and that he didn’t really know how to get down.  Just like him, we’ll all be ok as long as we remember who’s standing below ready to catch us if we fall.


A little playtime and fresh air always helps our perspective, too.  Speaking of, we should get outside before it’s too late!  I’ll post pictures of the house once we’re a little more settled in the next week or so.

Exploring Colorado


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  1. Estella Lazenby says:

    Hi guys, l loved the posting, Happy Thanksgiving, miss the family and love and kisses to all. Estella

  2. Erika! I am so happy for you and inspired by your faith in a fast and crazy move. You’re so right, God is there to catch us and holds it all together even when we’re feeling overwhelmed by the whirlwind. Been feeling similarly myself these days – but it’s all so very good. And I love that I now have another reason to visit CO! We’ll be out there at some point when we go for various stages of training before our move to England – and I’d love to catch up with you if at all possible when we’re out there. xoxo :) Oh, and your boys are growing even more adorable every day. :)

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