Our Recklessly Abandoned Life

Ever since we left our Denver home three years ago, we’ve periodically revisited the idea of returning.  That or moving somewhere new altogether.  No matter how settled we felt near family and in our neighborhood, we felt this need to leave all that comfort and “security” and return to Colorado.

Almost two years ago, Andy and I made the decision to buy a home in NJ in an effort to feel more settled and invested in the area.  We had owned in Colorado and the northeast just wasn’t feeling like home as renters.  Part of the problem was Andy’s commute.  It was long and stressful, and as we contemplated moving anyway, buying seemed like a good idea.

With high housing prices and taxes we were able to afford a small 3 bedroom home with a great fenced in backyard in a growing family friendly area a little closer NYC (where Andy was working).  We were one house down from the end of our street, a cul-de-sac.  It was a mature neighborhood with lots of pretty trees and neighbors who took pride in maintaining their homes.  We found a real community.  We had mail delivered to our door and a friendly mailman who knew us by name.  One of our neighbors baked us a bunt cake when we first moved in and our other neighbors came over to introduce themselves when Wyatt was born a month later.

I know, sounds like I made it all up, right?  I’m not lying.  This place in New Jersey does exist.  There was still plenty of Jersey attitude to go around however. ;)

Our experiment worked, though.  We felt settled.

I found thoughtful, amazing girlfriends who offered nothing but support and love.  I found an affordable preschool around the corner that Dylan loved. We were home and had everything we were supposed to want, yet we still felt this pull to come back to Colorado.

Yes, there was always a little bit of a financial strain with the high cost of living in the Northeast and a single income, but we were making it work.  Of course, there are a million reasons we still missed Colorado, including but not limited to: our friends who still lived there, the generally healthy lifestyle, the beautiful mountains, the moderate weather, snow that’s powdery and melts in one day rather than turning to yellow, dirty, ice and never ever melting, and family friendly everything.  All of that just had us hoping for the possibility that someday we might have the opportunity to return.

Then this summer, I participated in an online bible study via goodmorninggirls.org.  It was based on the book Anything by Jennie Allen.  I know I can’t do that book justice.  It changed my perspective on everything.  Seriously everything.  Basically, if God is real and everything in this world is temporary and life is so short, why live a life anchored in the securities of this world?  Nothing is forever here.  Everything fades away and we only have a short time to make our mark and maybe do something remarkable.  To get to that point, a person must find the strength to give up his/her anything.  I believe our life in NJ, surrounded by family and living the life we thought we wanted, was our anything.

Since the summer, Andy and I have talked and prayed for guidance.  We asked God to grant contentment if we should stay or to open a door if we should go.  Then, around the end of September, we knocked and a door swung wide open.  We decided to list our house and Andy decided to talk to his boss about the possibility of transferring out west.  We didn’t think anything would happen right away, but it all happened in less than a month.

Here I sit, in a temporary apartment near where we used to live while we wait to close on our next house at the end of the month.  Andy’s boss was excited to transfer him out west to an open position that was coming available at the end of October.  His new boss told him we could wait to move until we sold our house.  Our NJ home sold in about three days.  We listed on a Thursday, late in the afternoon, and had a cash offer by Tuesday around noon.  The offer was for the exact amount we needed to be in a position to buy again.  They wanted a quick close 21 days later… the 30th of October.  Two weeks ago, following their inspection, we came out to house hunt and found the perfect house for us.

So there you have it.  We are so thankful to God.  He heard our prayers and faithfully provided, not only direction, but complete support.  Everything has fallen into place and we are praising Him.  We are trusting that everything will continue to fall into place in His perfect timing.

And… we’re back Colorado!

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  1. Yay! Erika I’m so glad you made it, and you sound so content. Can’t wait to follow you to the midwest in A few months and meet up somewhere! Miss ya!

  2. This is so cool, Erika! I loved reading how God really orchestrated this to happen so fast… less time for second guessing ;) So very happy for you!

  3. Sometimes we just have to see what He wants for us. And if it’s truly God’s will, things will happen to help us get where we need to be both physically and spiritually. I’m so happy things are working out for you!

  4. It sounds like you are where you need to be. I’m so happy for you!


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