Some rambling and a photographic review of the week

As I sit here, I’m contemplating going through my library of photos from the past year to do a “Best of 2013” post.  I’d like to do one here featuring my family and one over on my photography blog featuring my favorite photos of clients.

Honestly, it’s a little more overwhelming than I realized when I first had this wonderful idea.  A minute ago, I opened up Lightroom (my primary editing software), sorted the pictures by year, and narrowed them down just to the ones I took on my DSLR.  Want to know what I found? I have 8,765 photos.

Yep.  I’m serious.  How in the heck did I take so many pictures?!

Granted, that number includes sessions I did, but even if half of them aren’t of my family, that’s still a lot.  I think I’m going to have to break this down into memorable events.

I’m actually a little proud of myself, too.  I’ve had a DSLR for almost 5 years, but the number of pictures I took with it in a given year used to be somewhere around 25.  That’s my best guess anyway.  I’ve always taken a lot of pictures, just a majority of them used to be with my phone.  I always forgot my big camera and, when I miraculously didn’t leave it at home, I neglected to pull it out of my bag.

So, before I start my tedious project (which will undoubtedly keep me up too late tonight), I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from this past week.

Can I open my presents yet?

Thank you Santa!

Tante Heidi 1


Tante Heidi 2

Tante Heidi 3



DSC_2722 DSC_2716

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