Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 4 {Catch the Moment 365}

Though, this week’s images reflect the tone around here, I’m not so sure how I feel about them.

I guess that’s art, though.  Good or bad, it reflects real life and that’s definitely the point of this project for me.

In reflection over these photos, I think I need to make more of an effort to engage in fun activities with my kids.  Cozy, low key time is great, but I’ve take our time together for granted.  With frigid winter weather and snow, I’ve gotten used to hanging out in doors.  I’ve gotten so used to it, that I missed a some beautiful 50*F days because I just assumed it was too cold and never really left the house.

I’m not sure I ever mentioned that I pulled D out of his preschool at the beginning of the month (aka year).  Christmas break gave me time to think about how I was feeling about his school and why.  I realized it wasn’t just me, it was him, too.  I think we rushed things and didn’t give him a chance to settle before finding a school that would really fit his personality.  We’re looking at some preschools now, but in the meantime, he’s home all the time.  It’s been an adjustment and I think Wyatt’s missing his one-on-one time, but it’s been really nice to spend more time bonding with both of them.  Frustrating at times of course, as sibling rivalry has definitely set in, but its so much fun to watch them together.

Today, is a snow day.  I’m not sure how much we got last night, but the forecast was 6-10 inches.  I would guess 3 inches looking outside, aaand now that I looked it up, I wasn’t too far off!  We got 2.6 inches.

Pathetic Colorado! 😉

Anyway, seeing all the photos this week by Photogs in the Southeast has made me ponder how much time we’ve spent in our snow.  Not much!  Dylan’s gone in the backyard to play with his little shovel a few times, but we haven’t really gotten bundled up, gone out, and played.  The energy level and fighting has not been helped by spending so much time indoors.  I hope to change that today and maybe even get some fun shots while we’re out there, if I’m not too busy playing too!  You’ll just have to check back next week and see!

Day 22/365 ~ Andy’s working on letters with Dylan.  It started with him showing interest in writing in his little notebook.  Andy found a worksheet online and spent this evening trying to help him work through the letters.  As you can see he’s definitely a lefty, which is really interesting considering both Andy and I are right-handed.  Wyatt seems to be a righty as well.  Of course he didn’t want to be left out, but he looked a little bored or confused, huh?

Day 23/365 ~ One of the few times Wyatt let Riggs lay on his lap without shoving him off.  I thought it was adorable that Riggs chose to curl up on his lap.  When he’s sleepy, he always seeks out the nearest lap.  He’s more of a lap dog than our terrier, which will be fun when he’s full grown and around 60 lbs!

Day 24/365 ~ I love that Wyatt’s such an observant little guy.  He loves to sit back, watch, and assess, whether out the window, or in a social setting.

Day 25/365 ~ I just had to record those tiny paws.  I love the little white tips!

Day 26/365 ~ I was in the other room and Andy shouted for me.  I believe he said something along the lines of, “You’ll want to see what your little guys are up to!  And don’t forget your camera!”

Day 27/365 ~ I know, I’ve already taken so many pictures of these two.  I love how they are together.  When they aren’t ignoring each other or screaming, “mine!”, they really just seem to understand each other.

Day 28/365 ~ I could look at his little face and get lost in his eyes.  He was in such a cute mood this day.  I think Wyatt was napping and he asked me to play with him and told me I could be “teacher mommy”.  I think he’s missing school!  Of course, I tried to take the opportunity to actually teach him something and he said, “No, no, it’s pretend lunch time!”.  Silly me, of course!

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    • says

      Thanks so much Jayne! Yeah, it just feels like I’m taking the same pictures over and over again because we’re doing the same things every.single.day. At least I’m not alone! :)

  1. Meghan says

    Omg I love all of these!! Is your doggie a boxer? I LOVE THOSE! The little paws and the looking out the window, and the one of the puppy and blanket and your kiddo are so cute!! I love your two boys together too. Awesome pictures, so heartwarming! :)

  2. says

    Awesome photos! I wish I would have thought to take pictures of our puppy’s feet when we had one last year. Now she’s just over a year old and her feet are very large.

    Isn’t it funny how big dog puppies just love kids and want to cuddle and run with them. Small dogs don’t do that nearly as much. Our lab pup, now young dog, has been a delight for my kids because she just naturally joins in on whatever they are doing. Laying on the floor? Let me lay next to you. Jumping on the trampoline? Let me jump too. Running through the yard on an adventure? Yes please!

    • says

      Totally! You pretty much nailed why I wanted a big dog around here :) Rue (the small one) and Dylan definitely have a special bond, but it’s different than what I remember with my Golden Retriever from my childhood. Rue likes to be a part of things to some extent, but it’s on her terms only. Riggs already joins in with everything the boys do!