Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 7 {Catch the Moment 365}

I’ve been so concerned with finding and capturing the beauty in the small moments that I haven’t put much emphasis on documenting our lives.

I celebrated my birthday last week.  You’d never know that by looking through my pictures.  I posted Wyatt dancing that day…

Also?  My sister and her fiancé were here for part of week 6 and part of week 7.  There was no evidence of their visit my last post despite our excitement over their presence!  I didn’t capture any pictures of their arrival or the first few days at all.  Luckily I did get one right before they left!

In any case, I’m going to do my best to widen my scope going forward.  I want to capture more life, not less.

Without too much babbling this week, here is week 7:
Day 43: I thought we needed some fresh air before sundown.  We went for a walk and Dylan was collecting rocks on our “adventure”.  Wyatt, with his muddy shoes had tried to keep up, but ended up relegated to the stroller to watch his brother yet again.  You’ll get there, buddy!
Day 44: My fun-loving and captivating sister and her fiancé Jesiah.  We all wish they could’ve stayed longer!  We had a lot of fun at an early dinner in the Denver Highlands Neighborhood at an amazing restaurant called “Lola”, where my sister used to work.  Of course, most of the meal was spent attempting to keep the boys at our table.
Day 45: Valentine’s Day of course!  D had his party at school.  I may have had a little fun with his outfit…
Day 46: I was in the other room and Dylan helped Wyatt onto his lap to finish his lunch like we often do.  He was so proud of his ability to help.
Day 47: Sunday, as we were leaving church we were struck with the beauty of the day.  The idea of going home for lunch just seemed crazy.  We picked up some lunch and went out for a little picnic at a spot we frequented when we last lived in the area a few years ago. (Daniels Park)
Day 48: Poor Dylan was crushed that he couldn’t stay at the playground.  Andy took the boys for a walk to a nearby park while I was making dinner.  I could see this park down the street from the kitchen window.  Dylan wasn’t listening and was torturing his brother, so they were forced to leave.  I watched as D cried the whole walk back.  This picture was taken in our front yard as hubby walked inside.
Day 49: This is the closest our cat Abby has gotten to our puppy since we brought him home a month ago.  She’s been the slowest to warm up.  Andy was doing his best to encourage some cuddle time between them and then I took over when he left to read D a bedtime story.  As I sat there, Riggs climbed off of my lap to get closer to Abby and nuzzle her and then fell asleep.  She was thoroughly confused, but I thought it was adorable.

Catch the Moment 365
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      hehe :) Thanks! I was surprised he was so excited about it. I had so much (maybe too much?) fun picking it out while he was at school the day before.

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      Highlands Ranch is beautiful :) We love Colorado. We left for a few years, but it’s so nice to be back. I grew up back east without any idea how beautiful it was out here. I had a project as a consultant 6 years ago that brought me out here every other week and I couldn’t wait to move!