Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 10 {#CatchTheMoment365}

This last week was less than inspirational for me.  I just wrote a whole post about it, added my photos, saved the post… aaand everything was gone.  I don’t have the time or energy to rewrite the whole thing and, frankly, I’m not in the right state of mind as my toddler just woke up from his nap in a terrible mood and wants more snack.

I’ll just say, week 10 was a week of distractions rather than focus.  I was not focused at all on this project or other priorities.  Among other changes, I was excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new full frame DSLR camera!  I’ll write more about all that another time since all of these images were taken with my original DLSR camera… and because my other grumpy child just came down.

I want to start writing more often and will be attempting to better organize my time to make that possible in the coming weeks.

As for now, here are my week 10 project 365 images (days 64-70):


Day 64: That belly.  I love his little belly.  He’s attempting to open play-dough in this photo.  He’s completely obsessed.
Day 65: My little monsters.  Dylan’s growling at Wyatt and they’re on the kitchen floor laughing hysterically.  Animal noises are hilarious!
Day 66: I love to dry roses and keep them for as long as possible.  This one is from a bouquet a beautiful friend (whom lives way too far away) sent for my birthday.  Love you Rose!
Day 67: On Saturday, Wyatt and his friend Isaiah had a birthday party together.  Wyatt’s birthday isn’t for another week and a half, but the two boys are three weeks apart and have many of the same friends.
Day 68: Daddy and D practicing letters.  D found a letter stencil in our craft supplies and was so excited to practice writing.
Day 69: My little rockers hijacked Elli and Isaiah’s car.  Ok, they were taking turns.  It was a beautiful day and I had a little fun getting them dressed up before going out to play that day.  Wyatt’s shirt has a picture of a guitar and says “Rock” and Dylan’s says “Keep Calm and Rock on”.  Clearly I had to give them little fohawks!
Day 70: I just loved the fohawk so much, I gave Wyatt another one to take pictures as the storm came in on Tuesday.  How fitting that his mood was a little bit like a storm that day.

Catch the Moment 365
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