Hearts Unleashed 2014: Week 8 (#catchthemoment365)

This was a week of stress.  I don’t have much to share today other than my photos.  Andy was out of town for the week and D was sick and out of school until the day he got back.  I’d complain, but in many ways it was actually a blessing.  In addition to not having to get both kids dressed and rush them to the car in time for school, I had much more time to bond with my buddy.  It really started on day 56, so it’s not so evident in the pictures, but that’s why this post is much later than usual.


Day 50: Dylan was at school and we were meeting friends at the playground for lunch.  It was one of those beautiful, moderate, Colorado winter days and we were the first ones there.  As you can see, he *loves* the swings!
Day 51: This shot was right outside of the MOPS meeting I wanted to attend (I’ve been trying to get there since we moved in November). I grabbed my camera because I remember how beautiful it was behind the church when we attended a service there a couple of months ago and I thought it would only be more so on a snowy morning.  It was a freezing, very windy morning and I was running late, so all I got was a picture of my child looking frozen stiff! He’s still warming up to snow (pun only slightly intended!). He should probably be a little more used to it by now, but no…
Day 52: Our pups are getting along so well these days. They act like siblings and, of course, siblings never want their own toys, only the toy the other one has!
Day 53: We drove down to the closest outlets on Saturday because it was a beautiful 60* day and the boys needed some better play shoes. There were lots of people for Wy to watch as we packed up and got ready to go.
Day 54: String cheese… who doesn’t love some string cheese? Um, Wyatt, that’s who. But Dylan loves it!
Day 55: Poor Riggs. He just wants to play with that strange smelling dog (aka our cat), but she just likes to tease him.
Day 56: I’ve been setting up snack time at their little table lately. This was the first day Dylan was home sick. I was in the kitchen and when I turned around and saw them I thought it was a really cool moment.
Catch the Moment 365
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