The last of the baby days: Wyatt’s 18 months


As we welcome the crisp fall air and the foliage begins to grace our days with shades of yellow and orange, I see my baby slipping away and a little boy emerging. It’s not Wyatt’s birthday and I haven’t really tracked his second year like I did his first, but 18 months is a milestone […]

He’s ONE!! {Baby Wyatt’s 1st Year – Wordless Wed}


Okay, so he’s been 1 for almost a month now… What can I say? Life with kids happened. You’d think by looking at these first pictures that we had a party for this baby boy. We didn’t really. We had a great grandma, grandparents and uncles little celebration with a big cake and smash cake […]

Only one more left! {Baby Wyatt’s 1st Year – Wordless Wed}

Wyatt 11 mo-1

My baby’s baby-ness slowly slips away each day.  It’s both thrilling and sad. I’m about a week late with this AND February’s a short month, which means we are three weeks from Wyatt’s first birthday. Wha?!  How? Yeah, I can’t believe how quickly the time’s slipped away. Well, I can and I can’t.  I’m a […]

Wy Man’s 10 Month Update


My husband coined his nickname.  He’s the mastermind behind most of our playful family names and phrases. He called Wyatt, “Friar Wyatt” for a long time because of his baby bald spot.  But now, he’s just “Wy man”. It all started with Dylan and “he’s not mean, he’s not rude, he’s the littlest, tiniest dude”, […]

All I want for Christmas…


Are my two front teeth. Wait, even my 9 month old can’t say that. Yes, you heard me correctly.  Wyatt turned NINE months old the day after Christmas. I’m still a little shocked.  It’s hard to believe we’re already 3/4s of the way through his first year.  I mean, it is and it isn’t.  A […]



Can you believe it?! Yup, I also feel like I start every one of these posts the same way. But seriously.  I ask again: Can you? Maybe the slightly more rested version of me sitting here at my desk can believe he’s that old.  The version of me with 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep under my […]

Wordless Wednesday: Baby’s best furry friend


I’m honestly a little shocked by the frequent positive interactions I’ve seen between Wyatt and our cat Abby. Dylan’s always done well with Rue (dog), but he and Abby were more at odds.  He’s too aggressive for Abby.  Even now, he’s chasing her around roaring at her. I have a million pictures of D with […]

Tracking Baby Wyatt’s First Year: 7 Months Old


Before I share his 7 month photos, I wanted to look back through his first six months. I really can’t get over just how much he’s changed in such a short time.  Also?  We’re more than halfway through his first year!! You can tell by the pictures what a happy baby he became after the […]

Tracking Baby #2’s First Year: 6 Months Old (On a Wed and nearly Wordless!)


SERIOUSLY?  6 MONTHS?! I’m not kidding.  I’m kind of in denial here.  It’s a little hard to get my head around. So here’s the deal: I don’t have any new stats because… ummm… well, I’m an airhead.  I completely spaced out Little Hiccup’s six month check-up the day of his appointment last week.  I didn’t […]

Tracking Baby #2’s First Year: 5 Months Old!


Can you believe this little dude is FIVE MONTHS OLD already?!  I certainly can’t. I know, every parent says that.  But seriously!  Wow.  He’ll be eating solids and crawling and ::gasp:: walking soon. Little Hiccup’s next well check isn’t for another month, so I have no idea about his stats.  Rest assured, he’s still huge.  […]