The last of the baby days: Wyatt’s 18 months


As we welcome the crisp fall air and the foliage begins to grace our days with shades of yellow and orange, I see my baby slipping away and a little boy emerging.

It’s not Wyatt’s birthday and I haven’t really tracked his second year like I did his first, but 18 months is a milestone that I realize warrants commemoration.  It’s possibly one of the biggest ones because it’s the time when a child’s personality fully breaks through.

Though, I probably could have done a better job of blogging about Dylan’s second year, I’ll never forget that stage in his life.  I’m so thankful I took a million pictures, even if they were mostly snapshots off of my phone.  When I look through the pictures I have of D’s development, 18 months always stands out as the point where I really started to feel like I knew my son.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew my children and recognized the nuances of their individual personalities at a pretty young age.  I think welcoming our second child into our life really helped solidify the idea that each baby really is so different.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned my amazement at how early their personalities emerged.

I’ve recognized this sweet, thoughtful, observant, strong, yet gentle soul that is Wy from the beginning, but it’s just in the last month or so that I feel like I’m really experiencing the fullness of him.

laid-back sweet thoughtful

So much of what I’m feeling with him has to do with his somewhat new ability to use language and communicate.  He’s been signing for a while now, but more words emerge each day and even a few sentences (ie “Here you go Dylan!”).

He has such and aptitude for language and communication beyond what I experienced with D, plus he knows himself so well.  He can clearly sense and express what he wants or needs.  He can and does tell me when he needs a nap or a diaper change or bedtime, all events that required {and still require} much more parental intervention with his brother.

Did you catch that little scratch on Wy’s forehead?  After spinning him around the other day and placing him on the ground, he got up, walked a few steps and then lost his balance right next to an open drawer.  He landed right on the sharpest corner in the room, obviously! 😉  He needed a couple of stitches – which he handled so well, I’m still shocked.  There were tears, of course, but he didn’t fight it at all.

I think sometimes I overestimate his abilities.  He’s every ounce as daring and determined as D, he’s just generally more cautious and seems to have better physical balance.  I know that so much of his seemingly natural ability probably comes from having an older brother around to help guide him.


That comes with one caveat: joining in the plight of little brothers everywhere, Wy’s frequently frustrated by the struggle for any sort of playtime autonomy.  Cue sibling rivalry with crying… and mommy tantrums


Things I want to remember about this age:

  • blowing kisses with an adorable loud lip smacking sound
  • yelling “hello” at the top of his lungs to the neighbors whenever a window is open
  • desperately running for the sidewalk every.single.time we leave the house in the hopes of a walk rather than a car ride
  • screaming “Dyyan” with excitement when his brother gets home from school
  • pointing to the pets and saying their names
  • sweet cuddles
  • always so excited for:
    • bath time and brushing teeth
    • putting on his shoes
    • snack times
    • meal times
    • nursing
    • washing hands
    • …you catch the drift

Wyatt, we love you so much and have enjoyed every second you’ve been in our lives.  Our family is fuller with you in it.  You are so special and unique and wonderful!

He’s ONE!! {Baby Wyatt’s 1st Year – Wordless Wed}


Okay, so he’s been 1 for almost a month now…

What can I say? Life with kids happened.

You’d think by looking at these first pictures that we had a party for this baby boy. We didn’t really. We had a great grandma, grandparents and uncles little celebration with a big cake and smash cake courtesy of Cinderellie’s Sweets (if you live in Central, NJ and need any specialty treats, Ellie is amazing!).


Wyatt’s growing into such a fun loving, determined, little dare devil. He’s completely infatuated with stairs (yay!) and rubber balls. He could honestly spend all day playing a modified game of catch with anyone willing. This means, he and Rue are developing a new friendship/rivalry.




These changes also mean, Wyatt and Dylan are developing a new relationship. One where they laugh and play together, comfort each other when the other is upset, and, obviously, find new ways to irritate each other. It’s very cool to watch. There’s no doubt that they love each other.


He’s such a special boy and I can’t believe his first year is already over. It went by so fast and it makes me sad to think about how quickly the next few years will disappear. I’m thankful to God for this sweet boy to care for and cherish.

Only one more left! {Baby Wyatt’s 1st Year – Wordless Wed}

My baby’s baby-ness slowly slips away each day.  It’s both thrilling and sad.

I’m about a week late with this AND February’s a short month, which means we are three weeks from Wyatt’s first birthday.

Wha?!  How?

Yeah, I can’t believe how quickly the time’s slipped away.

Well, I can and I can’t.  I’m a different person than I was a year ago.  I don’t just mean the obvious pregnant vs postpartum.  I mean a changed woman.

I can tell you what I was doing about a year ago.  Wishing Wyatt would hurry up, but ready to wait as long as he needed.  Unlike the day before he was born when I was D-O-N-E.

But this isn’t about me.  So, enough with the words and on with the {nearly} wordless:

Wyatt 11 mo-1 Wyatt 11 mo-2 Wyatt 11 mo-3 Wyatt 11 mo-4 Wyatt 11 mo-5 Wyatt 11 mo-7 Wyatt 11 mo-9 Wyatt 11 mo-11

Wyatt is 11 months old, 20ish pounds, and wearing 18 month clothing.  Nothing under 12 months really fits anymore unless it’s pretty over-sized.

He’s still such a sweet, happy boy.  He loves to eat and pretty much the only thing that will upset him enough to cry, is taking food away from him.  But, hey, I’d cry if you took food away from me, too 😉

He’s not walking yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he started tomorrow.  Instead of crawling, he does this little crab walk and I’ve caught him trying to stand up in the middle of the floor without anything to pull up on more than once.  When he pulls himself up, he looks around like “what next?”.  I see his eyes intently follow Dylan as he runs around.  Who knows?  He might take just as long as Dylan and not walk for another 6 months.

He just had surgery on Monday for a inguinal hernia.  It was an outpatient procedure, but still surgery and they did use anesthesia to put him under.

He was such a brave little guy.  When the nurse came to get him, he smiled, grabbed onto her shirt, and went with her without a peep. He was a little groggy and cranky after his procedure, but was smiling during the car ride home.  If anything, he’s just been more laid back the past two days.

I took the pictures today (Tuesday), so you can see his joy for yourself.  Though, who wouldn’t be happy to be outside on such a beautiful day?

Wyatt, every day I get to spend with you and your brother is such a blessing.  I watch your relationship with each other grow and my heart swells.  It’s so much fun getting to know you!  You are a miracle and I love you and Dylan so much it almost hurts.

Wy Man’s 10 Month Update


My husband coined his nickname.  He’s the mastermind behind most of our playful family names and phrases.

He called Wyatt, “Friar Wyatt” for a long time because of his baby bald spot.  But now, he’s just “Wy man”.

It all started with Dylan and “he’s not mean, he’s not rude, he’s the littlest, tiniest dude”, which is probably why we call him both “Little Man” and “Dude”.

Ha, Andy’s going to just love me for posting that!

Anyway, Wy Man’s quickly approaching his first birthday.  Too quickly, if you ask me.

It’s funny how I was in such a rush to get Dylan to the next milestone, and here I am wishing Wyatt would slow down.   Especially considering, he’s not even close to the same trajectory Little Man was on.

You know?

DSC_0318What I mean is this:  At 10 months, Dylan had been full-on crawling for a full month and had been pulling up on things for longer.  Wy never pulls up on anything.  Ever.  Until today, that is, when I decided to encourage him a little.  But, generally, he’s perfectly happy to pull himself across the floor using only his arms, or just sit on his butt and play in the same spot for 10-20 minutes (hallelujah!).

That’s not to say he isn’t quick or getting into things (like the dog’s water bowl), still.  But you know, my hands are that much less full.  Because, clearly, God knew exactly how much I could handle.

As I’ve said before, he’s a little ray of sunshine.  Well, most of the time, although lately he’s been a little on the cranky side.  I’m not sure if he’s just expressing himself more, or if there’s something really bothering him.  Probably a little of both.

I am thinking he’s getting some molars.

Maybe because that’s what the doctor said at Wy’s last visit.

I’m so astute, huh?

What else?  Dylan and Wyatt are really starting to enjoy each others’ company.  They play together more and more, which is so much fun to watch.

DSC_0204  DSC_0344DSC_0338


Unfortunately, this also means they both tattle on each other.  D more than W, but W does it, too.

How does a 10 month old tattle, you ask?

Wy screams every time D even looks at him the wrong way.  Let me tell you, it’s awesome.

I guess you could say I have mixed emotions about the days when Wy’s really able to walk and play and articulate his thoughts.  I’m looking forward to their bonding, but aware I’ll still be in the middle of everything.  That and I’m sure the doctor visits will start to add up…

But for now, I still have a pretty low key baby, who loves to laugh and play.  And a pretty jealous 3 year old, but we’ll go there later.

Wyatt’s stats at his 9 month check up, a couple of weeks ago, were:

  • 30″ long (uh oh!  only 2 more inches until we need a new car seat!)
  • 18 3/4″ head circ.
  • 20 lbs

That means, he’s in the 95th % for his height, 97th % for his head, and 50th % for his weight.  Tall and slim, just like his brother and daddy.

DSC_0151  DSC_0377DSC_0141